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The best 6 apps every traveler need

Posted on 28 December 2017 by admin (0)

Technology has been growing fast lately and its purpose is to make daily things easier than they were long ago. Smartphones are of the best gifts technology has given to us since we can be organized thanks to a lot of apps that let us manage our financial movements, learning or even our task planning. Traveling is an activity that can be simplified when you count with a smartphone with the right apps installed, so take a look at the following apps that are a must have in every traveler’s phone:


Despite being available for a few cities only, it includes the most frequented ones. This app allows you to immerse totally in your destination’s transit system. It counts with Uber integration and departures in real-time, so you can compare between bunches of routes and different means of transport and choose the one that suits you the most. It can even calculate the time it would take to reach your destination in jetpack, a little silly but playful feature.


This is the best app to organize your trip with only having access to your email account. As it gets the information of your flights, hotel and other events bookings via confirmation messages it builds a great itinerary that can be shared with your travel partners. It’s like having a traveling agent in your pocket for free.

Google Translate

Yes, Google has a lot of apps useful in a lot of ways. Translate will help you when you’re visiting a foreign country with a different language. Among its newer features, it allows you to translate signs, ads and others instantly by just using your phone camera and augmented reality. It also allows you to write a text down and translate it to any language of the 103 that are available.


This one is perfect when you don’t know where to go, but want to get lost for a while. It will only ask you for a budget, the rest is up to it. The app will pick among more than 300 cities around the world and suggest you where to stay and what to do. It’s flawless for the most adventurous travelers or even the lazy ones and it’s only available for iOS.

Time Out

This app is interesting in a lot of ways. Works like Tinder but its goal is not showing you new people to meet, it shows you the nearest attractions, bars and restaurants. It counts with an impressive feature called the event finder that tells you of the shows that are going to happen in the city you’re visiting. Also, you can purchase the tickets through the app and lets you build a guide that’ll help you with your planning.

App in the Air

It’s one of the best apps that let you manage and track flights. You can combine its usage with Tripit so you can import all information concerning your flights from there. It also will keep you informed of the status of your flight even if you don’t have access to internet.

This is why a smartphone is one of the handiest tools that you can carry with you. There are hundreds of apps available for Android and iOS that will serve as tools to make your planning process easier and your vacation funnier. So start downloading them, take advantage from all their features and enjoy the best trip you could ever have.