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Why is traveling an enriching experience?

Posted on 22 December 2017 by admin (0)

There are many people around the whole world that goes on traveling just for the sake of taking amazing photos to feed their social network profiles, escaping from an exhausting and repetitive routine or disconnecting from their daily environment; but just a few travelers tend to see the bigger picture and know how enriching traveling is. Don’t worry, as you read these lines, you will get to know some of the many ways that traveling can enrich your life.

Traveling is not about material things

Traveling gets you to know a lot of cultures around the world or even in your own country, and the first contact with that new culture makes your respect and understanding grow as you get exposed to some of their traditions and mores. You will be facing a lot of different ways to do the daily things as well, so your trip will probably become an opportunity to learn something new and increase your capability to adapt.

When you travel, you might think of that fridge magnet with the name of the city you’ve been to that you took home, but the main goal of that souvenir is to evocate the memories you’ve collected as you explored, and how enriching is it to value an experience more than any other kind of possession. The moments you pass by the side of your most beloved ones or by yourself are way more important than any other material possession you have, and traveling makes you realize that.

Have you ever experienced true freedom? Picture this: you get to an unknown land; you don’t know how to get to your next location, where you can exchange some cash and maybe you hesitate a little because you don’t know too much of the language spoken there. Overwhelming, right? But you never thought of the issues you left at home, you only had a brainstorm on how to overcome those “obstacles” that traveling put in your way. That’s what freedom is all about: leaving your past problems in the past and embracing new situations that make you live the moment to its fullest.

For someone that’s been shy for a long time, taking a trip to a foreign country might be the cure. Even when there’s nothing wrong with being shy, the traveling experience is far more enjoyable when you interact with the locals that surround you. Traveling makes meeting new people a lot easier than at home, since you are in a place where no one but your travel partner knows you, so there’s nothing to be afraid of… you are going to feel comfortable, you can act as yourself with no fears. There are a lot of people in an adventure same as you and you will meet them only if you decide to depart.

You probably have watched the Travel Channel once or twice and there you saw a bunch of people having the time of their lives, enjoying the greatest of meals and gazing the most beautiful landscapes, but traveling is much more than the images of someone else’s experiences getting to you through a TV streaming. These experiences are yours to be lived, to be created and remembered. A trip can change the way you have always looked at the things surrounding you, can put marvelous people in your path and will make you learn about how big is the world and how small we are as a part of it.

Keep moving and exploring, the world has a lot of places that will make you see how wonderful and enriching traveling is.